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About Us

Doug Bowen

Doug is recognized in the industry as a passionate, free-thinking broker with a broad-based knowledge of New York’s real estate markets. His highly motivated team combines diverse backgrounds and skill sets, allowing for a comprehensive approach to brokerage. It is his privilege to help his clients succeed. A retired movie set builder turned real estate leader, he has been building his whole adult life. With over 20 years’ experience as a broker, investor and landlord, Doug also believes in giving back. He has been a BID board member for a decade in his Clinton Hill community, sits on the REBNY Brooklyn Committee, is a REBNY New York Residential Specialist, and a member of the Historic Wallabout Committee, to name a handful of his associations. This is the foundation that has allowed him to build/create a vast network of relationships in residential real estate, with developers, community leaders, press, and others focused on growing this great City.

Simon Anderson

Simon offers nearly two decades of experience marketing and selling distinguished NYC properties. He provides top developers and discerning sellers with efficient and creative sales solutions. His acumen in assembling specifically tailored teams for each project has produced consistent exceptional results with record sellout times and prices achieved.

Zia O’Hara

Zia is the team connector, listener and stylist. She is ethical, fair, smart, focused and fun, bringing passion and intuition to every project. Zia keenly understands her clients’ goals and implements creative strategies to close deals quickly and with confidence

Jeremy Chang

As the buyers’ representative and rental specialist of the team, Jeremy takes pride in providing excellent customer service. With a background in consulting and project management, Jeremy is analytical and efficient in his real estate practice. He helps his clients understand the real estate market by being as transparent and informative as possible in every transaction and conversation

Gerri Librandi

Approaching each real estate endeavor with resources, expertise and passion, the ability to enter unfamiliar situations and cultivate positive results is a challenge Gerri relishes. A Brooklyn resident for 20 years and co-owner and manager 5 properties, she's no stranger to the ups and downs of ownership. It's a world Gerri is familiar with; a world she'll help you enter as well. 

James Hayes

 As team Director of Operations and Executive Assistant to Doug Bowen, James brings years of transaction experience, well-honed research and project management skills, and an extensive knowledge of New York’s urban and architectural history. His diligence, alacrity, and candor have helped produce exceptional results for the Team’s clients and projects.




At Douglas Elliman Real Estate

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